Friday, January 29, 2010

OhhBOY! am I in a freebie mood or what? Here is a album page 5x7 using Pretty Pink Please. Enjoy!


Here it is! My work area...

I was supposed to add this to my designer interview, but had no chance so here it it :P

now you can see where I work! desk is located in my living room actually between my living and dining. I have an open space downstairs. I need the computer here because I love to cook! and I am very close to my kitchen :P On the screen is my 1st picture of my daughter digitally enchanced. She had hair up to her chin, so i took a picture of my hair-after curling it, extracted and attached! ohh I also added shades and texture to it. FOr her clothes it's actually bits and parts of one of her dresses. I also added a bit makeup on computer only! :) To the left is my printer, scanner and 3 drawers full of.... well you can I have a bamboo pen and pad, speakers because I listen to music all day long, my sons Nintendo DS-he makes me pass him some levels when hes at school. I have my favourite glad scented oil and usually there is a candle and a cup of cofee!, my cell phone and home phone because I am too lazy to get up to it to pick it up. Other than that most of the time I dont see my desk because Its full of drawings, pictures and papers. Hope you like my scenery! HUGS

Good Evening all! and good morning to I am back with a new freebie for you! Hope you like it! hugs!


Full Interview with me!

I will be back here with a photo of my work area but, It is such a mess! even though I am a neat freak but with designing and million and 1 ideas hard to keep my work are a clean :P So I will be back today later and post a pic of my work area! Don't forget to take advantage of teh GP 30% OFF my entire store! Commercial use-Personal use_scrap 4 hire! ALL ON SALE! have fun!
Be back later :)
and Thank you for lovely coments and joining my facebook fan page:)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Announcement about my Freebies! :)

If you really like my magical theamed freebies, be sure to visit often or follow my blog! Because of the limited space I have on 4 share my freebies will expire after 7 days from release date. Sorry if you miss them! Every now and them they will be available for sale in all my stores for one low price. This includes Personal Use - Commercial Use - Scrap 4 Hire Freebies.
Thank you!

Another FREEBIE using Kiss The Cook PART 2! Enjoy!

Haiti - Charity kit coming soon!

Since I did the Charity Winterlude collection and donated my sales to a shelter home, I figured I will do the same for the disaster that happened in Haiti. Watching the news is very sad and depressing, to see all those people in need and children suffering. I guess every little bit counts. So this week coming I will release a new kit and all sales will be donated to Red Cross. Thank you in advance for all your support. Will be back soon and share a freebie with you using Kiss The Cook Part 2! see you soon!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here is a little freebie! using my new release Kiss The Cook :) Hope you like it! Enjoy!

Here is a page I did of me and my daughter Julia :) I really like the colors and how this page turned out and decided that I wanted to share it with you all :) Hope you like it!

I smell a YUMMY new release! :P

managed to upload preview! Hope you like it! I sure did:) This kit was made with love and 10 extra punds! It was making me hungry all the time:P

Saturday, January 16, 2010

COME COME COME TO GOTTAPIXEL! you can chat with me now! LIVE!!!

Hello again :) Here is a Freebie using Autumn Glow! and an update on Julia:)

Hello, once again thank you so much for all your wishes:) I am pleased to say that Julia is doing well! the rash on her face has dissapeared cpmletely! but still some left on her body (very little) I have scheduled blood work, allergy test and a full head to toe physical just to be safe! She is sleeping weel, eating and ofcourse being a monkey! I also did alot of research on some thing some of you suggested, wow! thank you! I had no idea so many things are out there! a little scary, but that pushed me to read more about alot of medical conditions so I can educate myself better. A HUGE THANK YOU'S!!!!!!! Here is a freebie that I have made with JOY! using a bit older kit Autumn Glow. Hope you like it! The colors in this kit are so glowy, happy and rich! just how I feel right now:)


Kit available at Gotta Pixel, PickleBerry Pop and Scrappity Doo dah! links to my stores to your right.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I am sorry, I will be back tomorrow with a treat, my daughter is worse and I might need to go to emergency. Sorry again-promise tomorrow!

It just keeps going away in one place and spreads to another, now her face and head is attacked. I just dont know what to do anymore :( she is on benedryl, tylenol and calamine lotion. last night we only slept 2 hrs and 45 min, she fell asleep today day time but I couldn't..I was too scared if something happened, so I am going to call it a night and I will be back tomorrow with the promised treat. Thank you all for your wishes! I really appreciate it, you have no idea. I always have her sit on my lap and read my and now it's about her! Thank you all again! HUGS!

Update on Julia...

I just got back from the doctors and he said that the final chickepox outbreak is on the 3rd day, but judging by her outbreak, he thinks that this is a massive allergy reaction (hives) to what? I have no clue :( but he said to watch out for them tomorrow and look for watery bubbles and yellowish color. Thank you so much you all! WOW! I posted first message and got some comments and lots of emails right away! WOW!WOW!WOW! I am so happy I got some really nice friends out there:) TY all! Have a wonderful weekend! Will be back tonight with a treat! :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Baby girl is very sick and got the chickenpox on top of is a pic of her.

I will be on and off for few days, Julia my daughter has a bad flue and just got her outbreak of chickenpox. So I will be back in couple of days...maybe with a freebie:) Also to let you know I will have a new release kit coming out soon! and my challenge from previous post, that release will be late Jan or begining of Feb, but right now my daughter needs me so I will also try to get some rest:) Have a wonderful, happy, safe Weekend all! See you soon!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

NEW COMMERCIAL USE PRODUCTS! Fantasy and Enchanted! Personal use and Scrap 4 Hire OK!!! NO CREDITS!!

WINNER IS.....eagleszem For the kit challenge! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Thank you all for your ideas, I have chosen Flower fairirs suggested by eagleszem because I have thought of doing it actually before, but was not sure if I should make a girly or boyish kit :) so I will try to do both! Congrats again sweetie!!!! Can you please coment here with your contact information so when the kit comes out I will send you a gift certificate:)
Thank you all! HUGS!!!!!! now off to Creating!!!!!